Autumn in Vermont

Fall arrives early in northern and central Vermont, and if you are not on your toes you can even miss it! I was fortunate to capture these scenes from forested hills bathed in color to mist rising from lakes and ponds as the sun peaks above tree tops. If I had to use one word to describe the images it would be “moody”, but also in contention are peaceful, calm, awakening, colorful. I hope you enjoy!

A Misty Early Morning at Marshfield Pond Cabot Vermont.jpgSunset on Lake Champlain Vermont water sunrays.jpgSunrise at Marshfield Pond Vermont.jpgPredawn Marshfield Pond Cabot Vermont.jpgMorning Has Broken Vermont Peacham.jpgSunlit Fall foliage behind Vermont Barn.jpgMist Rising at dawn at Marshfield Pond.jpgAutumn Cloaks Peacham Vermont.jpgPeachum Valley Farm in Fog at Autumn Vermont-c33.jpgBoat at Seyon Fishing Area Groton State Forest Vermont.jpgSeyon Fishing Area Groton State Forest Vermont sunrise.jpgSerene Lake Champlain at dusk Vermont.jpgPeacham Church in Autumn Fog.jpgLake Champlain after sunset Vermont.jpgLower Moss Glen Falls CC Putnam State Forest Granville Vermont.jpgEarly Light at Marshfield Pond Cabot Vermont.jpgJenne Farm Reading Vermont.jpgMarshfield Pond Autumn in Vermont.jpgFog shrouded sunrise in Peacham Vermont.jpgSeyon Fishing Area Groton State Forest Vermont sunrise rising mist.jpgFog Lifting at Ricker Pond Vermont.jpgFog Lifting above Peacham Vermont.jpgEarly Morning at Seyon Fishing Area Groton State Forest Vermont.jpgSunrise Lifting the Fog at Marshfield Pond Cabot Vermont.jpgFogged Sunrise Ricker Pond Vermont.jpgChurch and Barn with Fog Autumn in Peacham Vermont.jpgSparrow Hill Farm at sunset view Vermont.jpgWaterbury Autumn View Vermont.jpg