Photography has always been a part of my life. During my Frostburg Maryland childhood I watched my older brother branch into photography from his already well-developed skills as an oil-based paint artist.  When I ventured to London as part of a Junior Year Abroad program from my college in Pennsylvania I purchased my first SLR camera.  I even took a course in Photography while in London where I practiced black and white photography and developed those photos in the darkroom. The image to the right is one example.

My life took an alternative direction after college when I attended Officer Candidate School for the US Coast Guard and became one of the first women to be permanently assigned to a combat vessel. I did take a camera with me on my adventures to patrol Alaskan waters for foreign fishing vessels which may be illegally harvesting shelf fish within the 200 mile USA-controlled waters.   I have plenty of photos of killer whales (which follow the fishing trawlers for cast-off), beautiful Alaskan ports-of-call, glaciated mountains and fishing vessels, all taken with my fine Canon A-1 film camera.  And later in life I took hundreds of photos when I again changed my life’s course and went back to school for a Master’s degree in Geosciences from the University of Texas at Dallas.  My favorite part was the 6 week field camp and multiple extended field trips to some of the most beautiful geology in the country such as the red rocks of West Texas, volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest (Mt Shasta pictured left), and the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.  It also reinforced my love of the outdoors and the landforms that comprise this earth, and my pursuit of capturing the beauty all around me.

But I have now graduated from “taking photos” to passionately pursuing photography as an art form.  The “switch” occured when I bought my first digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix, in 1997. What a difference digital has made!  It is now possible to take thousands of photos on re-formatable memory cards and upload them to a large monitor to see them in full splendor without any cost (other than the original investment for camera, memory, computer and software, of course).  I started with photographing the flowers and fauna in my own backyard gardens, and have now wandered out to capture scenic vistas and geology in all of its forms.

I currently reside in Virginia and aim to share with you stunning imagery from across the USA and beyond.   Traveling to new locations every year takes a fair amount of research and planning, but I hope to grow my portfolio while visiting those “bucket list” locations.     My biggest project to date stems from 9 trips to Ireland between 2009 and 2012. I have been in all 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland and five of the six counties in Northern Ireland. During that time period I contributed photos and brief descriptions to a website I briefly co-hosted at 

I have been reluctant to note some of my accomplishments but I realize that without tooting my horn you may not recognize my body of work. My images have received numerous awards and countless “winner” accolades in contests and competitions. I was awarded the “Photographer of the Year” title in 2014 from the Charlottesville Camera Club, and in 2015 a Scenic Virginia win in the category of Highways and Byways. I regularly exhibit at the juried photography and all-media shows at Artworks in Richmond, VA and exhibit as a member of the Charlottesville Camera Club Exhibition Team. I have direct sales to individuals as well as many organizations, including CBS Productions for the CSI:Cyber television show. I am a Getty Images contributing artist and my work has repeat sales to numerous large publications and advertisers, including some you may recognize: American Express Marketing, Lonely Planet Publications Inc,, Microsoft Multimedia Publishing, CBS Productions, NBC Universal Digital, AOL-photo, The Weather Channel, Hearst – North America, ABC Television Group, Republican National Convention, Irish International Advertising, Irish Times, Irish Independent-Daily, Forbes Web Properties,, and many more, including Ediciones Urano, S.A. (Spain) for a retail book cover.