Cape Cod Autumn

I planned this autumn visit to Cape Cod in the spring and spent all summer in anticipation! My drive from Richmond Virginia to this eastern tip of Massachusetts had several stops planned and I didn’t miss a location although it was raining and dismal the entire time. No photos from those days made the cut for this gallery, but I did get to see a few places that were on my bucket list. The overcast skies proved beneficial for the first two of my four days in Chatham, providing soft light and a high key background. I was happy when the sun peaked through long enough after a hike to Stage Harbor Lighthouse to reflect the setting sun’s golden rays. After the sun set the clouds reflected the most gorgeous pink sky. I capped my trip off with a couple nights in Provincetown where I was delighted with a glorious dusk on McMillan’s Wharf. And of course, I had my fill of Lobster Rolls! Since my pet sitter was leaving on her own journey, I drove straight back from Provincetown to home, 11 hours, 663 miles, with only 2 quick stops. There is so much more to explore in Cape Cod, I will need to plan another Cape Cod Autumn.

Paines Creek Sunset Brewster Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgMacMillan Wharf Fishing Vessels Provincetown Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgChatham After Sunset Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgProvincetown Dusk from McMillan Wharf Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgChatham Coast Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgMacMillan Wharf Sunset Provincetown Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgProvincetown Sailing Schooner Hindu Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgSand Fences Chatham Forest Beach Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts .jpgChatham from Sears Road Cape Cod Autumn Massachusetts.jpgBoat at Little Harbor Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgStage Harbor Lighthouse SunsetChatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgFishing Boats at Chatham Pier Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgStage Harbor Lighthouse Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgFishing at the cape Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgChatham Fishing Pier Dinghies Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgLowering the Sails Provincetown Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgChatham Pier Dinghies Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgClamming off Bridge Street Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgDory Fisherman Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgFisherman pushing out Dory Cape Cod Massachusetts .jpgGrays Beach Yarmouth boardwalk Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgGrays Beach Yarmouth tranquility Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgMacMillan Wharf Provincetown Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgNauset Lighthouse Cape Cod National Seashore Massachusetts.jpgOn the Wharf in Provincetown Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgPaines Creek Brewster Cape Cod Massachusetts .jpgSkiff at Little Harbor Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgDory Fisherman Rowing Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgSkiff in Little Harbor Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgThey Also Faced the Sea Provincetown Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgTwilight near Chatham Fish Pier Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgTwilight Paines Creek Brewster Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgDory Fisherman Rowing Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgHighland Lighthouse in Truro Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpgR Paines Creek Marsh After Sunset Brewster Cape Cod Massachusetts.jpg