Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona

I am so excited by my images created at the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona! The Grand Canyon should be on everybody’s bucket list! Although I visited many years ago, this time I wanted to both experience the entire park and bring home images worthy of framing. I think I succeeded in both!

Sunset from Hopi Point Grand Canyon.jpgMonsoon over the Grand Canyon from Cape Royal 720.jpgFirst Sunlight Imperial Pt North Rim Grand Canyon.jpgUpper Antelope Canyon Sand Beam Page Arizona.jpgRainbow from Roosevelt Point Grand Canyon.jpgSunset over the Canyon from Desert View.jpgLightning Grand Canyon from North Rim.jpgSunset Grand Canyon North Rim from Cape Royal.jpgSunrise First Light from Grandview Grand Canyon.jpgSun Dipping Below Grand Canyon Edge from Desert View 720.jpgApproaching Storm at Horseshoe Bend Page Arizona.jpgPt Imperial view of Mt Hayden at dusk Grand Canyon.jpgGrand Canyon Layers from Lipon Pt Grand Canyon.jpgLipon Point Setting Sun Grand Canyon.jpgGrand Canyon North Rim Point Imperial Sunrise.jpgPowell Point Vista Grand Canyon.jpgNavajo Point Grand Canyon Sunset.jpgUpper Antelope Canyon Abstract Page Arizona.jpgHopi Point Sunset Grand Canyon.jpgUpper Antelope Canyon color Page Arizona.jpgSouth Rim Trail Vista.jpgMather Point Sunrise Grand Canyon.jpgVista Encantada Rainbow View over the Grand Canyon.jpgSun Setting Over the North Rim Grand Canyon.jpgLightning Over the Grand Canyon from North Rim.jpgStorm on the North Rim from Hermits Rest.jpgHorseshoe Bend Storm Page Arizona.jpgGrand Canyon North Rim Imperial Pt Dusk.jpgDesert View Watchtower Sunset Glow Grand Canyon.jpgColorado River in Marble Canyon from Navajo Bridge AZ.jpgBright Angel Point Squirrel Grand Canyon.jpgMoonrise from Hopi Point Grand Canyon-c17.jpgColor after Sunset from Desert View Grand Canyon.jpg

South Rim:

In spite of the screeching headache that began as I drove to higher altitude from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon (my form of altitude sickness 😕), I “scouted” the entire South Rim between the first full day and the next morning. I took a shuttle bus from my hotel in Tusayan into the visitor center and from there to both the far western rim (Hermits Rest Route) and to Yaki Point (Kaibab/Rim Route). The shuttle was the only way to visit these points during peak season. I consistently got off the bus at each stop and explored the Rim, and also walked through the Village along the Rim Trail. I wanted to see the splendid architecture by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter that beautifully blended the buildings into the landscape. That evening I drove the Eastern Rim Road and made several stops leading up to and past sunset. And the next morning I completed my scouting with Mather and Yavapai Points and time to explore Hopi House Indian treasures.

North Rim:

The next two days on the South Rim I got up before sunrise and made my way to various points known to be best for sunrise, and repeated the process for sunset. Then came the long (over 4 hours!) but beautiful drive to the North Rim. In addition to sunrise and sunset, on the last full day on the North Rim I was treated to the anticipated monsoon weather. I was able to photograph daytime lightning and was treated to a rainbow before a spectacular sunset! That was quite a day!

Page, Arizona

While in Northern Arizona I took advantage of location and drove to Page, Arizona for my first experience in the slot canyons. The Chief Tsosie Photography Tour was reserved and paid for far in advance to take advantage of direct overhead sunlight that creates shafts of light onto the canyon floor. The photos from Upper Antelope Canyon are just how they looked on the back of my camera! I also aimed to spend sunset at Horseshoe Bend – a nearly complete oxbow of the Colorado River formed by meandering flow. After the 3/4 mile hike I braved standing on the edge with my camera on a tripod and was ready to wait for the sun to lower to the horizon. Unfortunately a weather front approached from the west and the rain started moving in – the disadvantage of monsoon season! I thought I could stay in place, but a big gust of wind carrying sand and small pebbles hit me straight on, and I knew I wasn’t safe. I joined the throngs of people headed back to the parking lot, but satisfied that I had an image I’d be happy with.